We have the most modern equipment for endodontic treatment

Endodontic Microscope (The only one in Nicaragua)

It is a microscope that is used to inspect the root canals to a greater extent than what our eyes allow us. It enables us to rule out internal fractures, internal perforations and thus be able to seal them, remains of nerves, remains of broken tools, as well as hidden nerves.





 Digital Dental Intraoral Camera


Designed to be introduced into the patient´s mouth so photos can be taken and the patient can see for himself the problem presented.














A device that, by means of ultrasonic vibration, allows different processes such as eliminating bacteria, finding hidden canals, removing parts, etc.







Computerized Anaesthesia


The most advanced anaesthesia nowadays, which eliminates pain and injections.














Rotary instrumentation


The new generation technique for performing endodontic treatments more quickly, safely, and effectively.








Electronic Apex Locators

A device that determines the true canal lengths inside the tooth and discovers hidden nerves.








It is the most modern radiographic method that exists. Its main advantages include reducing radiation by 90% and displaying a more accurate and clear image of the treatment being performed


Endodontic Electric Motor


It allows endodontic treatments as soon as possible and in a safer way. It is the newest generation of instrumentation.








motor de Endodoncia de ultima generacion con movimientos Reciprocantes






Sistema de Obturacion con Guttapercha Caliente System B